EPO OBO (Anti witchcraft Powder) 50g


Finely ground Epo Obo (ficus platyphylla) bark. This can be used in the traditional methods such as to use in bathing and soap-making), to utilize in your own personal anti-demon/anti-witchcraft/anti-black magic work — or to create your own specialized spiritual items.

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Epo ọbọ is a Spiritually powerful tree bark. It is used to keep evil spirit and evil person away from a house or person. Epo ọbọ is like poison to diabolic people. If you have epo ọbọ in your home, you can be sure of good energy in the house. We can use epo ọbọ to prepare soap to bathe, we can use it on smoke… We can use it in water to bathe. or mix with black soap for full effect. A piece of epo ọbọ on the table at your home keeps you and your house protected from the heavy spirit. With epo ọbọ in your house, say bye to bad dreams.

This particular stick has uncountable numbers of uses, some of the benefits include:

1) If you’re the type that is afraid of going to bed at night because of nightmare, grind epo obo, garlic, and bitter leaves very well. Mix in Original (Shea butter) and be rubbing it before going to bed at night. Are you or anybody steps on poison or spiritual arrows shot at u or any person u know. use the original oil on the affected part;

2) Are you facing disappointments, failure, bad luck, or you feel you’re being tormented by spiritual forces? Boil this herb, garlic, and bitter leaves very well. Bring it down and pour in your bathing bucket without adding water except the one you used in boiling them. Add your overnight urine to it and bath before going to bed at night. Do this non stop for 21 days and have testimonies.

3) WITCHES/ WIZARDS and other bad SPIRITS turned your house to their meeting point? Grind the herb, garlic, African incense (gotten from palm tree), Aidan, and cow dung to powder, air dry it and be burning it in your house every night. This will send negative forces packing from your house by force. 4) Are you the type that people hate for no reason and you know it’s not ordinary? Grind epo obo, native fowl egg, and black soap together, use Shea butter to mix it and pack in a white plastic, cover and keep it for three days. Then start bathing with it in the night before you go to bed only.


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