Complete Spiritual Package


This Set includes: Favour & Attraction oil, Curse Breaker Soap, Cleansing & Attraction Soap.

Our products are naturally made with well selected natural herbs and roots put together to give each and everyone the best results. These products are in no way diabolic or fetches. Neither dose it contains any animal sacrifice or any blood sacrifice of any sort. ★ Cleansing Soap/ Favor / Money Soap → It’s meant to clean the body from any bad energy or aura. Everyone has an aura, it determines our mood. That’s why sometimes you can be in a good mood or bad mood. → it helps to remove hatred like people say bad things about you for no reason. It helps to remove promises and failed: people tell you they will help you but they never do. Stagnation: you are only on the same cycle, same spot no matter what you do you can’t give account for. Money doesn’t last long in your hands • Curse Breaker /Back To Sender Soap. There are 2 types of curses 1: curse from family linage and 2: self curse most times we curse ourselves by swearing on things we know we actually did it but because we don’t want to be humiliated we decide not to take responsibilities for our actions. . Family curse is the most common today it makes one’s life useless nothing seems working, a lot of people go around with dark clouds covering their faces, failed marriages, constant sickness, disappointment, rejection, No Marriage witchcraft attacks etc. NOTE. Doing spiritual cleansing is same as you are changing deity clothes on your body and putting on new clothes.

How to Use: Once you receive your products say a word of prayer ( your intentions) that is what you want to achieve when using the product. Cut soap into desired pieces and use one piece of soap at once at a time. √ Take your normal bath with your normal soap and sponge first( if you wish) then take one piece of the soap to take your spiritual bath with it use the curse breaker soap and massage all over your body and allow it on for 2-5 minutes before washing it off. When you are done doing that allow the water on your body to air dry that is you should not use your towel to dry out the water on your body. √ For the first 7 days use the soap in the morning or in the evening. ( No sex within these 7 days.) After the 7 days you can use it 1-2 times a week. • For the cleansing soap after using your curse breaker (if you are using it) also use it for continuous 7 days ( if you have used the curse breaker soap and you want to start with the cleansing soap you can have sex with your partner But if you are only using the cleansing soap use it for 7 days without meeting with your partner. For the cleansing soap you can use any day anytime. √ Do not use an old sponge to bathe with it when using the soap rather apply with your bear hands. ★ Weaning If you are a lady on your period do not use it until your period ends. Immediately after sex do not use your spiritual products first take a complete bath with soap and sponge to cleans yourself before touching your spiritual products Attraction and favor oil is meant to make your aura very attractive towards others and as well as attract good luck and favor from others. If you do business this will bring clients to you. Whenever you want to go out rub some of the oil on your hands and forehead/your face. You can rub all over your body too. For those in relationships to create a tight bond with your partner use the cleansing soap take your bath with it and follow up by application some of the oil on your body and forehead and make sure to have sex with them the day you use the product this will increase love and affection –

Disclaimers: The product information has not been evaluated by Health Canada and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women. Please consult a healthcare professional for more information. Made in Canada.


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